Moving the dial on vehicle stewardship

Moving the dial on vehicle stewardship

Each year in Aotearoa it’s estimated more than 150,000 cars are taken off the road. We also replace more than 7 million tyres and 80,000 car bumpers, as well as many other vehicle related parts. Some vehicle materials are recycled or repurposed when they reach their end of life, however outcomes are varied, with a loss of useful resources to landfill.

Auto Stewardship New Zealand is a not-for-profit charitable trust created to help accelerate sustainable outcomes for vehicles in Aotearoa by providing best practice product stewardship governance.

We know that all parts of a vehicle will require stewarding in future. To this end, ASNZ stakeholders have made a commitment to progress ‘whole of vehicle’ stewardship.

Our objectives

Be the Product Stewardship Organisation for schemes that steward any vehicle related product

Promote the adoption of programmes by the auto industry for environmentally sound waste management practices

Promote the aims of product stewardship in the auto industry to the benefit and advantage of all New Zealanders

Collaborate to grow stewardship programmes for the auto industry

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If you are involved in the production, import or sale of a vehicle related product that needs stewardship, or simply want to know more about Auto Stewardship New Zealand, we’d love to hear from you.