The journey to tyre stewardship

In 2020, tyres were one of the six waste streams confirmed by the then Associate Minister for the Environment, Eugenie Sage, as ‘priority products’ – tyres, synthetic greenhouse gases, agricultural chemicals, farm plastics, e-waste and plastic packaging. This meant that the industry’s desire for a regulated product stewardship programme, which would provide a level playing field, would be realised.

Current situation

A key aspect of the implementation is a four-month operational trial based from Hawke’s Bay. The trial will ensure the Tyrewise systems, particularly new tyre tracking software, is working correctly.

At the same time, Ministry for the Environment will complete the enactment of the proposed regulations that will require participants to act in accordance with Tyrewise. These regulations are first considered by Cabinet, the final regulations are then gazetted as a Regulation under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, and then the in-effect dates will be announced. The regulation will set the value of the advanced disposal fee payable by the importers.

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