About ASNZ

Auto Stewardship New Zealand (ASNZ) is a future-proofed governance structure that can provide the Product Stewardship Organisation (PSO) structure required by the Ministry for the Environment under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 for all co-designed, regulated product stewardship schemes for vehicle related products.

Moving the dial on vehicle stewardship

The 2012-13 Tyrewise Product Stewardship project, which has provided the foundation for the regulated scheme in development, is an exemplar for other vehicle related end of life projects. It brought together all tyre industry players prior to any mandatory requirements, and their continued pursuit of regulated stewardship over nearly a decade is to be commended.

Our objectives

  • Be the Product Stewardship Organisation (PSO) which governs the product stewardship scheme for auto industry related regulated stewardship schemes, including tyres declared as priority product under Section 9 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, and all that entails;
  • Receive and administer funds “levied” on consumers for the purpose of managing the national bank of “end of life tyres” within the regulation framework;
  • Promote the aims of product stewardship in the auto industry to the benefit and advantage of all New Zealanders through the recovery, reuse and recycling of auto industry related products as identified from time to time;
  • Collaborate with other developed programmes that may not be within Auto Stewardship New Zealand, but which benefit stewardship for the auto industry;
  • Promote the adoption of programmes by the auto industry for environmentally sound waste management practices; and
  • Respect and implement the dual heritage of the partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi).


Mark Gilbert – Chair

Mark has over 30 years’ automotive industry experience, for international company’s Volvo, and the BMW Group, where he held a number of senior executive roles, both in Asia and New Zealand. Since 2012, Mark has become a Professional Director, with Chair / Independent Director roles in a diverse range of organisations.

Current roles

  • Chair, Minister of Transport’s Clean Car Sector Leadership Group
  • Chair, Drive Electric Inc
  • Governance Chair, Battery Industry Group
  • Chair, Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council
  • Chair, Bragato Research Institute
  • Independent Director, PlantTech Research Ltd
  • Deputy Chair, Appliance Connexion Ltd (100% retail stores)
  • Independent Director, Firstflex Limited

Previous roles

  • Member, Minister of Transport’s Electric Vehicle Programme Leadership Group
  • Member, Technical Reference Group Transport- Climate Change Commission
  • Board Member, Vehicle Testing NZ Ltd (MTA Appointee)
  • Board Member, Auckland Transport, 2013 – 2019
  • Chair, Tyrewise Project (MfE EOL Tyres), 2013 – present

David Vinsen

David has over 40 years’ experience in the motor industry and community organisations, as well as serving in family businesses in property and tourism.

  • Chief Executive, VIA, 2003 – present
  • Chair, ITSNZ – 2017 (Director), 2018 – present (Chair)
  • Member, Low Emissions Vehicles Leadership Group, 2021 – present
  • Member, EV Leadership Group – 2016
  • Past President, Motor Vehicle Dealers Institute
  • Trustee, Fidelity Fund – longest serving trustee

Sturrock Saunders

Sturrock has a proven track record of success in business, leadership and governance in the automotive sector. He has also been strongly involved in building pathways for young people to grow and succeed.

He is currently Vice-President of the Motor Trade Association (MTA), an organisation he has had strong links with. MTA has more than 3800 members, and the leading voice for the New Zealand automotive sector.

Sturrock has previously been a Director of the Motor Industry Training Organisation (MITO) which designed qualifications and training programmes that meet the needs of the automotive, transport, logistics, industrial textile fabrication and extractive industries.

Sturrock is currently Chairman of the Inspiring Futures Foundation, a newly formed charitable trust with the purpose of supporting learners, and employers creating a positive effect on the work environment of stakeholders. He is also a Director of Dekra NZ / Vehicle Testing NZ.

As someone with lifelong and family involvement in the automotive industry, and committed to ensuring the best life for future generations, Sturrock is a firm believer in stewardship and environmental programmes which benefit all New Zealanders.

Moving the dial on vehicle stewardship.